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About Us

Our Origin

YouNoWeNo was founded in August of 2010. But our story began much earlier as a simple question when our founder, Jay Oetjens, became bored with the bore of the traditional 9-5 work day of selling high-end furniture and began asking his successful clients what the key to success was.

Our Story

Finding Our Reasons

Jay came to the decision that entrepreneurship was the best route for him. But he knew it would be very difficult to grow a business. Growing a business is like driving your car into a lake. For the first few moments you’re floating, but then, water starts filling the car, until eventually only your nose and your mind remain above the water, at that point you have to figure it all out before you sink below the water and drown. Luckily, we are here to pull you out of the water.

Developing Our Purpose

The biggest problem small, medium, and large businesses face is growing. With so many obstacles to overcome its understandable why 9 out of 10 businesses fail. That’s when Jay decided that our companies mission would be to provide growing businesses with services and consulting for all avenues of business growth, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best, providing your products and services.

Our Features

  • Small Teams

    Join a personal interdisciplinary team with BIG ideas and experience learning, designing and growing companies.

  • Be Present

    Stop wasting your time and let's get something done! The digital economy is changing fast we make sure you can keep up!

  • Client means Partner

    You're more than a client, you're a partner. You can look forward to joining a team and working closely with a professional qualified team.


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YouNoWeNo client Todd Garcia smiling

Todd Garcia said,

YouNoWeNo is a company built around understanding, partnering with, and growing with, their clients. They have hit the “sweet spot” of reasonable cost, custom tailored “a la carte” services, service automation, and hands-on personal consultation. Money invested in their service multiplies as income almost immediately. A meeting with them is like no other meeting I’ve experienced. I look forward to it. It’s positive. It crackles with the electricity of creativity and new ideas and the future. It’s like working with my Best Friends.

Ultimate Reading Glasses, CEO