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YouNoWeNo Provides Email Marketing Solution For Everything!

YouNoWeNo's goal is to setup the perfect email marketing platform for your business. We accomplish this by utilizing the best software available that also fits the needs of your business. Then we work with you to create email marketing campaigns and automation between your website, customer relationship management system, and your social media marketing accounts and campaigns. We can manage your email marketing campaigns for you and provide all the features you need to manage your email marketing campaigns yourself without any of the hassles of setting it up.

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Email Marketing Process

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Understanding Your Companies Needs

We start by understanding what it means to design the perfect Email Marketing System with all the bells and whistles you need to increase your revenue and efficiency. Exceeding your goals and expectations is our #1 goal. To do that we set up a meeting where we take the time to understand everything about how you do business, including marketing opportunities, lead generations, and audiences.

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Email Marketing Campaign and Proposal

Once we understand your email marketing needs we will determine what software, solutions, and integration platforms we will use to create the perfect email marketing CRM and CMS solutions for your company. Depending on what creation capabilities your company needs will decide what software we will suggest and implement. After we optimize the software we integrate and finally automate it all.

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Our Email Marketing Focus Is On...

  • Creation

    To build the best email marketing platform and campaigns possible we take the time to have an in-depth interview to go over your companies goals, needs, and expectations. Then we develop marketing campaigns to capitalize on your marketing opportunities and desired audiences. We don't just build stunning email marketing platforms, we build campaigns that prove ROI.

  • Email Marketing Automation

    After our meeting we will incorporate all of your companies needs into your email marketing platform. At YouNoWeNo we strive to build and design the best email marketing platform and campaigns for your company so we can streamline your processes, track information, sell products, engage clients, and ultimately make you more money and look stunning.

  • Email Marketing Integration

    With so many custom solutions and products we will work with you to build the best email marketing platform to take your company to the next level, while offering competitive prices. Now a days companies are using so many different types of software to do business. It may be important for you to integrate those things into your email marketing process so we can streamline your processes and automate marketing.

  • Analytics

    Get the most out of your email marketing by using patterns in data to determine the best ways to improve Click-Through-Rates and monitor trends. We will continually improve your marketing campaigns, by testing different creative elements and until we can identify campaigns that will provide the best engagement from your intended audiences. We also provide easy to understand analytics that demonstrate ROI and determine what is and isn't working to improve ROI and get many more happy customers.

Email Marketing Process

email marketing campaign being sent

Implementing Your Email Marketing Software

After the proposal is approved we will begin work immediately. We will deploy and optimize the software determined best suited to meet all of your needs. Next we will integrate your web-forms, customer relationship management systems, social media marketing, among other things. When we integrate our ultimate goal is to automate.

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Reporting and Supporting Email Marketing

Once we have your email marketing software set up, we will get with you once a month to go over that months marketing results and analytics. We then will discuss opportunities where we can improve lead generation, Click-Through-Rates, automation and ultimately improve your ROI.

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Our Expert Email Marketing Specialists Are Yours

Email Marketing Campaigns being sent and automated

Once your email marketing software is completely set up, then what? Well, that's where our email marketing team comes in and works directly with you and your team to assist in creating quality content that isn't just visually appealing but also is high converting.

Our expert marketing team will assist in researching and determining who your target audience(s) should be and will help to discover what interests those audiences share that you can relate to with your business. We can research what topics are generating the most conversions and set up email campaigns to target those specific audiences in ways that increase (CTR) Click-Through-Rates and test them side-by-side ultimately leading to more sales! Our marketing team can assist with as little or as much of the email marketing process as your business wants. Our expert marketers can coach your team and help from the sideline or manage it all for you.

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