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Search Engine Optimization Stages

SEO research and planning

SEO Research

Strategic keyword research allows us to maximize your potential reach by using all of the right terms, targeted on all of the right pages.

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Seo basics logo

SEO Basics

Once we complete all the necessary keyword research we will develop a very detailed and thoroughly thought out implementation strategy.

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seo bringing traffic to your website with marketing

SEO Marketing

There is a large amount of overlap between SEO and Marketing. Social Media Campaigns are very effective for both as long as the they are tailored with the right keywords.

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seo upkeep showing growth

SEO Upkeep and Repeat

Keyword research isn’t a one-time thing. Of course, the most effective Search Engine Optimization happens over time when quality meets consistency.

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Map showing your business and local business seo

Local SEO

Localized Search Engine Optimization is an important part of SEO and one of the most profitable. Local SEO ensures that search engines like Google have a clear understanding of what your business does and where your target audience is located.

Local SEO is more than Optimizing Your Website For Local Search through schema markups, NAP data, and localized keyword optimization. Today it's more important than ever to focus on Local Map Optimization so your business can be easily found on places like Google Maps. In addition, we provide Localized Content Marketing. Our goal is to work with you on developing informative, creative, and unique content to attract new customers and keep your local audience coming back.

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Offering Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Strategies

  • Unique and Accurate Page Titles

    Once we have your target keywords chosen, it’s time to start implementing them. By using unique and accurate keywords in your title tags it tells site users and search engines what that particular page is about and how relevant it is.

  • Improve The Structure of Your URL's

    Search engines have complex systems to determine search criteria relevancy with your URL, thus URL's should also be easy to understand so users and search engines are able to recognize the relevancy of your URL's.

  • Meta Name Descriptions

    Think of your meta tags as the overall objective of the content that is being displayed on a particular page. Google has announced that they often use Meta Names as "snippets that are intended to match a user's search query".

  • Making Your Site Easier To Navigate

    Site navigation is an extremely important aspect search engine providers look for. It provides information to how a particular page relates to the rest of your sites content. Can users and search engine bots easily navigate your site? It’s important.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

write quality content

Offer quality content and services

Having quality information on your site is crucial in maintaining the prospects that you currently have as well as attracting new business. It could possibly be the most important factor in advertising your site. Online word-of-mouth advertising through social media sites, blogs, and forums also helps to market your site. Without quality site content it’s hard to attract site traffic through social media channels.

lines of code displayed on a monitor being used to rewrite your anchor text

Rewrite your anchor text

Anchor text is used to display the information that a site user would want to decide if they want to click on your link or not. However, search engine providers also take note of your sites anchor texts to determine your search engine rankings. Anchor text should be a few words or less, simple to understand, relevant to the topic it is linking to and extremely visible to site users.

<h1> Header 1 icon

Use headers appropriately

Header tags provide a quick idea of what a sites content is about and most of the time a site user scans a sites header tags before reading any content to see if it's relevant to what they are looking for. Having accurate and specific header tags is important. However, having confusing header tags can result in your users and search engines to become confused.

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Ecommerce SEO

a computer monitor with SEO being displayed online

SEO For Your Online Store

For online stores dominating at SEO should be a no-brainer. The internet is overcrowded with competition and consumers are overwhelmed with options and similar products.

SEO brings order to the chaos. E-Commerce SEO is how your businesses can set itself apart and the means to maximize on potential revenue even though there might be an abundance of competitors offering the same or similar products.

Small companies are consistently overtaking larger ones who are failing every day simply because people don’t know about them. The era of the digital economy has changed how people are searching. Don’t waste money on billboards or newspaper ads that may be seen by a few thousand of the same people every day but none of which need your product or services.

Find out how YouNoWeNo can start attracting you quality leads! You can’t afford to neglect it any more.