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Social Media Marketing Based On Your Goals

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Build your presence

Grow your business in the places that your customers already exist.

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Create awareness

Find new customers by letting them know who you are and what you do.

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Drive discovery

Engage people so they explore your products and services online or in person.

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Generate leads

Advertise to the people on social media who are most likely to convert into a sale.

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Boost sales

Start selling more by advertising only to people who are likely to buy.

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Earn loyalty

Build customer satisfaction by building relationships with your customers.

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Social Media Marketing Service

  • Focused on Engagement

    Reach people where they're engaged; visiting social media on their computers, tablets and phones.

  • Lead Generation

    Bring people from social media advertisements to your website to make sales, book appointment and sign up for newsletters.

  • Insightful Analytics

    Measure how your ads perform and create new ads for products and services your customers will love.

Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Strategies

  • Discover and Analyze Your Custom Audiences

    We listen to your audiences and discover what interests they share that you can relate to with your business when creating marketing campaigns. We research what topics are generating the most conversions and set up advertising campaigns to target those specific audiences in ways that increase (CTR) Click-Through-Rates and ultimately lead to more sales for your company.

  • Engage and Connect in Ways That Matter

    Creating a brand story is a proven way to engage and connect with social media marketing. YouNoWeNo will help your company develop an engaging brand story and custom advertising campaigns and templates. One study done by Facebook found that creating a sequence of ads conveying a key message instead of trying to sell a product directly improved overall conversions and Click-Through-Rates (CTR) by 87%.

  • Cart Abandonment Re-targeting Campaigns

    Ever wonder how advertisements seem to follow you around the internet? Well 72% of all shoppers abandon their shopping carts. Only 8% will return. By creating re-targeting ads YouNoWeNo can bring back on market average 26% of abandoners to complete their purchases. These ads have an average 10x higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR) It goes without saying that not re-targeting your visitors costs your conversions and sales.

  • Tracking and Analyzing Advertising Analytics

    Get the most out of your social presence by using patterns in data to determine the best ways to improve Click-Through-Rates and Pay-Per-Click. We will continually improve your ads, by testing different creative elements and eventually we will be able to identify ads that will provide the best engagement from your intended audiences. Get easy to understand statistics that demonstrate ROI and determine what is and isn't working to better improve ROI and get you many more happy customers.

Social Media Marketing Reports and Analytics

YouNoWeNo laptop working on marketing ad reporting

Ad Reporting

We will have monthly meetings to outline your marketing goals and provide a clear outline of your ROI from every active marketing campaign. These meeting reports will be customized for you to provide analytics for: Engagement, Performance, Website Conversions, Apps, Videos, and even Events.

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YouNoWeNo laptop working on audience insights

Audience Insights

Begin to truly understand who your target audiences should be. With Audience Insights we will market to people based on Who They Are, What Interests Them, and What They Purchase. Over time we will develop custom audiences that will be most likely to result in a sale.

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YouNoWeNo laptop working on google analytics

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track every dollar we spend on digital advertising. Once we set it up on your website we will be able to track every conversion to see which placements and what ad creative is working best for reaching your target audiences and use that data to optimize your marketing campaigns.

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Build Your Business on Satisfied Customers

5 star customer rating

Finding new customers is just as important as returning old customers. Strengthening your existing customer relationships with custom audiences is a proven way to generate natural social media engagement. We can dramatically increase social media likes and website traffic by rewarding your loyal customers with marketing campaigns containing discounts, promotions, and other relevant offers.

By rewarding your customers loyalty we can grow your brand image organically. When loyal customers feel loyal and appreciated they will share news abut your company, recommend you to others and proactively spread the word about your business to their social groups. Not because we asked them to but, because they truly want to.

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Use Marketing Measurements & Insights

  • Performance

    See how your marketing campaigns, ad sets, and ads are performing against all your specific advertising goals.

  • Audiences

    Learn more about the people who matter to your business and start marketing to them in effective ways.

  • Placement

    Continually test different ad placements to identify where your ads receive the best engagement.

Social Media Marketing Ad Examples